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Our support staff is 100% devoted to helping you.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service and support in the industry. We support not only our products but also the people who use them. This means prompt and efficient resolutions provided by courteous and well trained support professionals. With your Service Agreement, inHANCE commits to work diligently to ensure that all mission critical processes are error free.
-- Nathan Loan
Support Manager

Harris utilizes eSupport from Epicor Software as our internal CIS solution. This is an industry-leading solution that enables us to:

  • Track calls
  • Actively manage and monitor outstanding incidents
  • Track every contact and conversation through to resolution
  • Analyze call types, elapsed times, and a host of additional business metrics

Customer Testimonials

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  • "You will never find a group more dedicated or more focused on supporting YOU. After many long years of dealing with software vendors, I assure you that you will never find an entire office of people who spend their days making questions, problems or issues that pop up, just go away. Their training is excellent but the on-going support is priceless, in every sense of the word."
  • "We would highly recommend the inHANCE Utility Billing Software to any company that is seeking to purchase a high quality program that performs all the functions needed for billing, accounting, inventory, depreciation and endless other tasks. "
  • "The development team has listened to our requests for enhancements. The upgrades that they have made to the software at the request of their customers has not only met our needs but has benefited other users as well. We have had experience with support teams for other software products and can genuinely say that your staff has far exceeded the level of quality service that we have become accustomed to."
  • "In my opinion, there is only one thing better than a solid, reliable piece of software that has all the functions I need – great customer service. To say I’ve been surprised by Harris’s support is an understatement. I’ve worked with many software companies over my 20+ year career and Harris, by far, has the best support team I’ve ever seen!! Everyone touts quick responses and solid answers, but not many deliver. Harris does! "
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